Dedicated to Customers' Needs:

A fourth generation family business since 1939, Parker Trucking was founded to provide high quality transportation for local shippers.  We started providing delivery services to the ingredients trade which included commodities such as sugar, flour, and fruit jellies. Abbott's Dairies, Jack Frost Sugar, and Bond Baking were customers back then; just to name a few. We developed into offering our customers value added warehousing services.  We would would hold inventory for grain brokers and expedite delivery when they had a sale. In the 1970's, Parker Trucking evolved into William Parker Associates which expanded into port deliveries with break bulk cargo and then containerization. We held a PA PUC license and in the 1980's we became an ICC carrier for hire after deregulation. In 1990, we were approved by U.S. Customs as a bonded cartman and carrier. Our specialized port to port service expanded and we developed strong relationships with customhouse brokers and steamship lines.  In 1993, we purchased our first Tri-Axle chassis.  Our overweight container hauling business grew and William Parker Associates was one of the first trucker's on the East Coast to offer legal and safe transport of overweight containers on a volume basis.  This growth facilitated the opening of our current 10 acre terminal/warehouses in Philadelphia and the addition of a trucking terminal in the Port of Baltimore.  In the 2000's, we began offering cold storage warehousing services and developed into a main transfer station for transloading and cross-docking services, especially for increased payload containers needing distribution through our sister company Associates Warehousing.  With over 75 years of trucking deliveries in our portfolio, we are proud of some of the unique types of cargo we have transported:  Fighter jet fuselages and wings;  Military transport vehicles; A sacred Buddha Statue; A Greenhouse to Philly's own Will Smith.  Please check our blog for the latest bombshell...   Today, William Parker Associates is poised to meet the transportation challenges of the 21st. century with dispatch technology and modern equipment to handle your international cargo in a safe, secure, and efficient manner.

Talented people make the difference:

Skilled dispatchers trained to handle the critical needs of our customers by communicating with shippers, brokers, and drivers.  Our drivers are professional and trained to deliver international cargo on our specialized equipment. Transporting overweight cargo is a daily challenge with new regulations and requirements always changing.  We have associates with many years of experience keeping up with overweight permit filing and multiple state route revisions.   Our marketing staff is here to answer your questions about SOLAS and provide rates and recommendations for your supply chain needs. Most important, we have a team of associates working together everyday to meet our mission "customer satisfaction."